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For Essays and Tutorials, such as Combat 101, Combat 201, Charm Creation Guidelines and so on.

The Exalted 20X Classes
These classes are designed to help you better understand how the mechanics of Exalted work. Feel free to check out any one of the classes or contribute your own ideas!

Exalted 201: Second Edition Combat

This class takes you step by step through the intricacies of combat in Second Edition. Pit Exalt against Exalt, or mortal against mortal and find out who will emerge victorious in your games. A must read!

Exalted 203: Social Combat

This class clears up any confusion you might have about how to effectively manage and role-play social combat. With new rules for social combat to make the game more realistic, this article is essential for those who wish to use more social events in their games.

Exalted 205: High Level Showdown

This class shows how combat works with high-level characters, pitting the Invincible Sword Princess (a 20X Class favorite!) against three high-level Dragon-Blooded monks.

Exalted 207: Strategies for More Effective Gaming

This class consists of user-submitted strategies to help your character maximize their effectiveness within their circle or area of expertise.

Exalted 209: Spellcraft

Do you need some help selecting the most effective spells or finding just the right time to use them? Check out this article to find out how to best use spells in your games!

Exalted 202: Mass Combat

Another must read, this article gives a practical example of mass combat and how it works in second edition. Find out how extras and solo heroes work cooperatively or in direct confrontation!

Exalted 204: Mandate of Heaven

Everything you need to know to run your Mandate of Heaven can be found right here! Read up on Dominion creation, sorcerers and more!

Exalted 206: Artifact Crafting

Second Edition simplified rules for Artifact creation and how factory-cathedrals and demon construction task forces work. Check out this class if you need a little help understanding the new systems.

Exalted 208: Practical Charm Building

This class is a user's guide to building Charms that are efficient and effective, without being beyond the scale of your other Charms. If you've had difficulties coming up with good ideas for Charms or are just having a tough time getting your Charms to work right, this is the class for you.

Wanted Articles

Exalted 20X Classes

  • Update to Exalted 201: Combat
With all the updates to the combat engine from the Ink Monkeys and Scroll of Errata, we are sorely in need of a more up to date version of the combat article. (done)

Author Quotes

The authors of Exalted have often shared their thoughts on why they made various choices. Many of these thoughts were shared in forum environments, and the originals have thus been lost to time. In order to preserve them, they are listed below. For simplicity's sake, they are arranged alphabetically by author.

Note that as many of these quotes are replies to forum conversations, they include the post being replied to.

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