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A form of Essence manipulation that focuses Essence through a character's Abilities. Charms allow Exalts to perform superhuman feats and are the most advanced form of supernatural powers that essence-users wield.

Charm Usage

In general, only a single Charm can be used at one time or in one action. This restriction is the main reason to develop and learn Combos. There are exceptions to this rule, such as Terrestrial Exalts who may freely use any Reflexive Charm they know without a Combo, or Raksha who may activate multiple Charms in conjunction with an Assumption Charm to create their shaped form without a Combo.

Charm Mechanics

Charms have a number of properties that determine their basic restrictions and usage. The properties are used within the rule system.

Cost determines the amount of motes, willpower and/or health levels the Charm uses costs the character. Sometimes this cost is variable, depending on the desired effects. An example for this is the First Excellency, which has a cost depending on the amount of dice added.

Duration describes the duration of the Charm's effects. Most often this is Instant, which means the effects of the Charm are applied directly and do not last. Other durations could be measured in Ticks, Actions or even days.

Keywords are used to quickly describe a list of common Charm properties. See the Charm keywords article for more information. This property is unique to Second Edition.

Minimum Ability is the minimum required level in the Ability that is associated with the Charm. If this requirement is not met, the Charm can not be learned.

Minimum Essence as with the Minimum Ability, this sets the threshold of the Essence Trait that a character has to possess to use the Charm.

Prerequisite Charms are the Charms a character has to know in order to learn the Charm in question.

Type determines both the conditions of use for the Charm as well as it's place within a Charm Combo. In Second Edition, the following types exist:

  • Enchantment
  • Extra Action
  • Permanent
  • Reflexive
  • Simple
  • Supplemental

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