Compass of Celestial Directions: Autochthonia

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Type: Second Edition Sourcebook
Release Date: August 17, 2011
Page Count: 160
Price: $12.50
Stock Number: WW80913
ISBN Number: Unknown

Compass of Celestial Directions


Long forgotten by the people of Creation, the inventor of Exaltation still lives and slumbers behind ancient seals. His body is a vast industrial miracle, populated by the descendants of refugees and abductees from the First Age. These Autochthonians have established eight mighty nations, empowered the Alchemical Exalted as their champions, and mastered secrets of mystical artifice long lost to Creation. But now their god and world is dying in the dark of Elsewhere, casting the Eight Nations into the crucible. Will the innovation and prowess of the Alchemical Exalted be sufficient to save Autochthonia, or is a return to Creation the Great Maker's only hope?


This book includes:

  • Details on each of the Eight Nations of Autochthonia, the oldest surviving human cultures in the world of Exalted.
  • An examination of the Reaches-the untamed body of a Primordial-and the mortals who carve out a living in that deadly frontier far from the safety of the Eight Nations.
  • Traits for Autochthonia's storied heroes, mechanical denizens, and Exalted legends.

Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Realm of Brass and Shadow

This chapter reveals the uncanny nature of Autochthonia and its people.

Chapter Two: First Among Equals

Chapter Two examines Claslat, Autochthonia's largest state; Yugash, the most reckless and desperate of Autochthonia's nations; and the recent apocalyptic conflict that set the stage for the end of the world.

Chapter Three: We Have Always Been at War

This chapter focuses on three nations shaped by conflict-the mercenary state of Estasia; Sova, staggering in the wake of the Elemental War; and the embattled people of Nurad.

Chapter Four: The Widening Gyre

Beset by cold, paranoia, and secrets, the nations of Kamak, Jarish, and Gulak are explored in this chapter - three ancient Autochthonian pillars that may soon come crashing down.

Chapter Five: Lamps in the Dark

This chapter focuses on the rogue city-states of Xexas and Loran, situated at the farthest frontiers of Autochthonia. Isolated but faced with plentiful resources, they may be uniquely positioned to help save their world.

Chapter Six: The Reaches

This chapter explores the inhuman and inhospitable vastness of the mechanical wastelands between Autochthonia's centers of human habitation, and the Primordial secrets hidden away within. It also examines the dreaded Blight Zones, horrid manifestations of Autochthon's sickness.

Chapter Seven: Man and Machine

Autochthonia is a realm of gods, monsters, and heroes, a selection of which are detailed within this chapter. Additionally, it also offers a bevy of new mutations particularly suited to the gremlins which plague Autochthonia and labor to tear it down from within.


Authors: Michael Goodwin, Eric Minton, John Mørke, Neall Raemonn Price, Holden Shearer and Robert Vance

World of Darkness created by Mark Rein•Hagen

Developer: Holden Shearer

Editor: Stephen Lea Sheppard

Comic Scripter: John Chambers

Art Direction and Layout: Brian Glass

Interior Art: Tazio Bettin, Groundbreakers Studio, Andrew Hepworth, Alisa ‘Kiyo’ Kyypelto and Melissa Uran

Cover Art: Groundbreakers Studio

Special Thanks: To Raf Bressel and Richard Hughes, the Monkeys’ monkeys; to Beau “My God is a Death Star” Brown, for exploring the Reaches years ago; to Melissa Xavier, for invaluable suggestions and feedback; to Conn Hanson for moral support; and last but certainly not least to Zach Bush, for blazing the trail we all followed.

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