Compass of Celestial Directions: Malfeas

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Type: Second Edition Sourcebook
Release Date: May 27, 2009
Page Count: 160
Price: $24.99
Stock Number: WW80106
ISBN Number: 978-1588463722

Compass of Celestial Directions


A Guide to the Demon City

The fifth of five books dedicated to the supernatural locales of the Exalted setting, this supplement focuses on Malfeas, Hell of the Exalted world. Prison to the Yozis and their demon spawn, Malfeas is a twisted place formed from the very flesh of the defeated leader of the Primordials and containing the remainder of his vanquished cohorts. Imprisoned since the dawn of the First Age, these incomprehensible beings have bided their time, waiting for their chance to escape, claim vengeance on the gods and their champions and regain dominion over Creation. And with the birth of the Infernal Exalted and the corruption of the one who now leads them, that chance is now. Will Creation’s Exalted be able to set aside their differences to end this threat, or will the akuma among them sabotage the Exalts’ efforts from within?


A setting book for Exalted®, Second Edition, featuring:

  • Details of numerous locales of the Demon City, many of which are living aspects of the Yozis themselves
  • A myriad of demonic luminaries and demon-beasts for use in any Exalted series
  • Everything players and Storytellers need to play series based in the prison of the damned

Table of Contents


Authors: Eric Minton, Jack Norris, Dean Shomshak

Comic Scripter: Carl Bowen

Additional Material: John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard and Lydia Laurenson

Developer: John Chambers

Editor: Carl Bowen

Creative Director: Rich Thomas

Art Direction and Layout: Brian Glass

Artists: Tazio Bettin, Anna Borowiecka, Ross Campbell, Sendeson Gonzaga, Groundbreakers Studio (with Paolo Aguasin, Kevin Libranda, Jazreel Rojales, Kriss Sison and Brian Valeza), Tariq Hassan, Priscilla Kim, Saana 'Kiyo' Lappalainen, Franklin Ouano, Mark Anthony Taduran, Timothy Terrenal, UDON (with Steven Cummings and Chris Stevens), Melissa Uran

Cover Art: Samuel Gelua and Brian Valeza of Groundreakers Studios

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