Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The East

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Type: Second Edition Sourcebook
Release Date: September 24th, 2008
Page Count: 160 (softcover)
Price: $24.99
Stock Number: WW80202
ISBN Number: 978-1-58846-617-4

Compass of Terrestrial Directions


Beyond the Scavenger Lands lies much more than a rough frontier of rural backwaters and petty kingdoms. The Far East is full of nations that rival its supposedly more "civilized" neighbors in terms of size and sophistication, from the warring states of Linowan and Halta, to the floating land of Metagalapa and even grim Sijan, ancient city of the honored dead. Still, the region's reputation as a land of untamed wilds and rough barbarians is not without merit, as the broad Eastern forests are home to a myriad of human, once human and completely inhuman tribes. The wealth of the East lies within these forests, waiting for those brave enough to take it.

Source: Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The West, p. 2.


Volume III of the Compass of Terrestrial Directions.

A setting book for Exalted®, Second Edition, featuring:

  • The third of five Terrestrial Direction books devoted to fleshing out the bare bones of Creation presented in the Exalted core book, this one devoted to the East
  • Mass combat stats for the forces of Halta, Linowan and other Eastern powers, as well as dominion stats for the Mandate of Heaven
  • Traits for the East’s native gods and beasts


Authors: Alan Alexander, Genevieve Cogman, Daniel Dover, Dawn Elliot, Michael Kessler, Dustin Shampel, John Snead and Andrew Watt

Comic Scripter: Carl Bowen

Developers: John Chambers and Dean Shomshak


Creative Director: Rich Thomas

Production Manager: matt milberger

Art Direction and Layout: Brian Glass

Cover Art: Andrew Hepworth

Artists: Tazio Bettin, Imaginary Friends Studio (with Reza Ilyasa, Rhoald Marcellius and Chester Ocampo), McLean Kendree, Priscilla Kim, Shipeng Lee, Terry Maranda, Jesse McGibney, Orgnix Studios (with Jessica Yong), Claudia Sutton and UDON (with Leo Lingas, Saejin Oh, Chad Smith, Chris Stevens and Adam Vehige)