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2009.06.11 New Administrator

Bodhisattva was promoted to Administrator status to help with tasks on the Wiki that had been idle for far too long.

2009.03.01 Exalted Wiki Contribution Contest

Bodhisattva runs the Exalted Wiki:Contribution Contest. Winners receive advance copies of the Compass of Celestial Directions, Vol. V-Malfeas and the Scroll of Heroes (Slated for a July 22 release.) as prizes, each signed by six White Wolf employees including John Chambers. HLS and StarHawk assist in running the contest as judges and the winners were announced.

RE-clarification of policy

We at White Wolf felt that this was clear, but we are re-stating it for the record:

When referencing official content from one of the Sourcebooks, please reference the material rather than reproducing it. Errata and/or book/page references are appreciated. Do not post the contents of the books themselves. No entry should diminish, even slightly, the necessity of anyone owning the book that is being referenced. - ExaltedWiki 17:52, 30 April 2007 (EST)

2007.08.24 Spam prevention

Added some simple math captcha to hopefully cut down on spam, we'll see - Sara

2007.05.01 Knacks: and Mutations: namespaces added

Today Conrad added the Knacks: and Mutations: namespaces to allow the addition of Lunars themed content to the wiki. There already have been pages in place for Knacks such as the List of Knacks. Mutations are still uncreated but as soon as someone starts adding appropriate content those will be created.

2007.03.25 "List of" article name changes

A large number of articles that lists other articles were previously missing the "List of" addition. This is in progress of being changed. So articles like Solar Charms become List of Solar Charms. This goes hand in hand with the addition of the new Lists Category.

2007.01.07 Diseases updated, pages added, content missing

The Template:Disease was updated to follow the design given in other content templates. Together with this change, the articles Disease and List of Diseases had been created. Both still lack content but are available now.

2006.10.06 Sidebar updated, Contributing Content and Contents added

Today Mike implemented the changes to the Sidebar as proposed by me some time back. I hope this makes the use of the wiki easier and more intuitive to most. Apart from that, I have also created the Contents page. It is pretty comprehensive and should be another step towards ease of use. Furthermore the Contributing Content tutorial was completed. Detailed instructions of the Content Templates are still forthcoming but it's another helpful thing.

Suggestions are always appreciated.

2006.09.15 Colored Charm Tables

Continuing work on the EssenceColor template originally created by deaks, the charm (and character) templates now automatically color the information box, as appropriate. The "color_type" parameter is used if present. If not defined, the system uses "exalt" (charms) or "type" (characters) parameters, these usually work fine on their own.

2006.08.30 Character Reorganization

Democritus is currently reorganizing the Character category structure. A short template with the vitals of characters has been introduced at Template:Character, however a few organizatorial questions are still open. See Talk:List of Characters. Please provide input.

2006.08.17 Charm reorganization in progress

Dcs666 is currently reorganizing the Charm category structure. Broken links abound. See Category talk:Solar Charms and Category talk:Charms for more info.

Rebecca Borgstrom's Social Combat Advice finished

Kukla has written Borgstroms_Suggestions_On_Social_Combat. It's endorsed by the woman herself, so go check it out.

2006.04.28 Re-arranging Artifact Categories

Kukla is considering re-formatting the artifacts categories. Go weigh in on it here.

2006.04.18 Wonders of the Lost Age released

Wonders of the Lost Age has been released.

2006.04.07 Main Page Reorganized

In an effort to make the site better organized and easier to use (and prettier), the front page has been updated based off of Main_Page/Proposed_Revision.

2006.03.28 Errata Posted

Download the official Errata for the Second Edition Core book here

2006.03.26 Organization

The big Wiki How-To Guide was written for an in-depth description of the wiki organization. -Xeriar