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Calling all Wiki Contributors!

White Wolf has finally approved an Exalted Wiki Contribution Contest! What that means is that we're looking for people who can add to and improve the Exalted Wiki! In thanks for contributing to the Exalted Wiki, seven lucky winners will have the opportunity to win a brand new Exalted book, signed by John Chambers and Brian Glass! This contest will run between March 1st at 8:00AM (EST) and April 1st at 8:00AM (EST). This will give you one month to contribute to the Exalted Wiki and earn your chance to win!

So what do I have to do to win?

The following guidelines have been established and agreed upon by our judges panel (Bodhisattva, HLS and StarHawk) for this contest.

  1. Only edits made while you're logged in to your account name will be accepted. Any edits while not logged into your account name (such as being logged into someone else's account or those recorded from a particular IP address) will not be applied to your contribution total, even if you sign your name to the edit. If you have to register an account here on the wiki, please do so.
  2. Character count will be applied to contribution total, not number of edits. Contribution count will begin on the first day of the contest. It will not be retroactive to all previous contributions.
  3. Contributions may not be cloned over from other websites (such as Fixalted, the Old Exalted Wiki, RPG.net, etc...). Any contribution found to have 20% or more of its material cloned over from another website will be disqualified from inclusion in the contribution count. We're not cloning over our own old works, or worse, stealing someone else's.
  4. All contributions must follow the guideline as follows: "When referencing official content from one of the sourcebooks, please reference the material rather than reproducing it. Errata and/or book/page references are appreciated. Do not post the contents of the books themselves. No entry should diminish, even slightly, the necessity of anyone owning the book that is being referenced." This means that contributions can be synthesized from books, but you can't reproduce information word-for-word by necessity, as has been standard contribution policy thus far.
  5. If you choose to expand our base of canon information, you may, but please follow the previous point when doing so. Consult other similar articles to see how these materials are presented.
  6. Over the one-month period, only contributors who contribute 30,000+ characters of new information to the Wiki will be considered for the prize. This establishes a minimum of content for those who want to win.
  7. All content must go in its appropriate namespaces. Characters go in the Character: namespace (example - Characters:Dace or Characters:Maiden of the Mirthless Smile), Charms go in the Charms: namespace (example - Charms:Heavenly Guardian Defense or Charms:Spirit Strengthens the Skin), Manses go in the Manses: namespace, Hearthstones go in the Hearthstones: namespace, Artifacts go in the Artifacts: namespace, etc... Check the wiki for the available list of namespaces or look at Help:Contributing_Content/Page_2.
  8. Custom Charms will not be accepted into the contribution count. We already have an overabundance of custom Charms on the wiki as is. The same goes for specialty daiklaves.
  9. Contributors must make a decent effort to spell- and grammar-check their contributions. Judges will collaborate to determine users who are not making an effort to contribute clean and well-written materials. Failure to do so is not grounds for disqualification, however, if someone else tags your contribution page with appropriate templates or categories, they can use that to count for their contribution total.
  10. Contributors are encouraged to make use of appropriate templates and categories to include in their contributions.
  11. Contributions to the mainspace will be counted toward contribution-count, but contributions to talk pages will not. We want content, even though we enjoy your discussion.
  12. To enter the contest, you must e-mail Bodhisattva with your full name (first and last) and e-mail address, so that if you win, he can e-mail you and get the address to send a copy of the book (Chosen by White Wolf, Inc.) to your home.
  13. If you have any questions about how to contribute or what might be acceptable materials, either check the Quick Start Guide, the Guide to Contributing or ask someone. Knowledge of how to write for a wiki is helpful but not required. You can also check the Wanted Pages to see what articles might need to be created.

Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will result in a one-time warning. Any second occurrence of rule-breaking will result in an automatic disqualification. Any and all judges panel decisions are final and not open for appeal.

Winning Categories

The following categories have been established for applicants who are looking to win.

  • Quality of Content - these users have contributed the best articles to the wiki, either in terms of awesome and interesting ideas and concepts, or they simply have contributed the most comprehensive and detailed content in compliance with the aforementioned guidelines.
    • Solar Craftsman
    • Celestial Craftsman
    • Terrestrial Craftsman
  • Quantity of Content - these users have contributed the most content to this contest in compliance with the aforementioned guidelines.
    • Solar Contributor
    • Celestial Contributor
    • Terrestrial Contributor
  • First Age Savant - this lone user stands above all the rest in terms of both the quality and quantity of their content for having the most outstanding contributions to the Exalted Wiki!