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Moderators are Exalted Wiki users with so-called sysop rights. They are not in any way superior to other users, but are able to perform maintenance and security tasks. Administrators still have the same responsibilities as any other regular user.

Moderator responsibilities

Moderators at Exalted Wiki have the following privileges and responsibilities:

  • Protecting pages. Moderators can protect pages from further changes in cases of vandalism or content disputes. This should happen only in certain rare circumstances. (See also: Protection policy)
  • Deletion and undeletion. Moderators can delete and un-delete pages and images from Exalted Wiki. This happens more frequently, but it is necessary to restrict permissions to this feature in order to prevent vandalism. (See also: Deletion policy)
  • Block and unblock. In extreme cases, Moderators can ban users from contributing to the Exalted Wiki, either for a specific amount of time, or indefinitely. (See also: Bans and blocks)

Becoming a Moderator

To become an moderator, first there must be a demonstrable need for one. If there is a call from the current Administrators to add a moderator to their ranks or from the wiki-community at large to have another moderator to perform duties that are left to languish for months at a time, at the time that such a determination is made, add their name to the Votes section of Nominations for Moderatorship, along with an explanation of why you believe that person would make a good moderator. The community will have the opportunity to vote on the nomination, and appropriate action will be taken based on their feedback. Moderators will generally only be chosen from current members of the Official Worker Caste Jadeborn who have served for no less than six months in their current position, unless an emergency need arises.

Nominations for self-promotion to moderator level will be swiftly deleted.

Moderators are lower level administrators that have protection, deletion and undeletion rights but may not perform all administrative tasks such as importing or editing the MediaWiki namespace.

List of Moderators

  1. Goddessgood, Moderator

List of Inactive Moderators

  1. Democritus, Moderator
  2. Xeriar, Moderator