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Errata has been moved to here.


Errata are official rulings, clarifications and changes to official material. They are available as official PDF downloads from the White Wolf site. In addition to that, answers from the developers and writers posted on the Open Questions pages or public forums have been collected on this wiki. They serve as some sort of semi-official errata, until a time as these rulings are included in the official documents.

Second Edition Errata Downloads
First Edition Errata Downloads
Second Edition Wiki Errata

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User Answers

These pages list various questions about rules that have been clarified and explained by regular fans and Wiki Editors. These questions are compiled in this page if they need no official ruling and can be solved with careful analysis and reading. These articles serve as some kind of Frequently Asked Page for each book.

Second Edition User Answers

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Open Questions

These wiki articles are to collect standing and unanswered questions about the rules material in a given book. They may be answered by fans and official editors alike. Once they have been answered satisfactorily they are moved to either the Errata or the User Answers articles as appropriate. They are moved to the Errata page in case they have been fully answered by an official writer or developer. In case of questions that do not require official ruling, they are moved to the User Answers page.

Printing & Layout Issues

These articles list all typos and other printing and layout issues that appear in the published books but are not yet addressed by official errata or further editions.

Second Edition Printing Errors

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First Edition Printing Errors

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The following content will be merged with Second Edition Core/User Answers

General Rules

How do you get into 'XP Debt' and how do you pay it off?

Any Charm with the Training keyword can get you into XP Debt. If you do not have sufficient XP to legitimately buy the training the Charm is giving you, you still receive the benefits, but go into XP Debt. While in XP Debt, half of all experience gained must be used to pay off your XP Debt.


Crashing Wave Throw

Does this Charm mean it can deal 50B if used by a 5-dot Martial Artists to throw someone into a nearby object


Combat Strategy

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Parry DV versus Dodge DV in combat?


  • Does not suffer penalties for heavy armour
  • Generally uses the same Ability for defending as attacking (Melee or Martial Arts). This means the Excellencies for these two abilities can be used offensively or defensively.
  • Depends on the defence value of your weapon
  • Generally requires a weapon to parry lethal, aggravated, or ranged damage
  • Some attacks may not be parried


  • Is affected by the weight of heavy armour
  • Is improved by increases in permanent Essence rather than the defence value of your weapon
  • Can be applied against lethal, aggravated or ranged damage when wielding no weapon
  • Generally cannot be used in extremely tight quarters
  • Some attacks may not be dodged