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Quick Start ●○○○○○○○○○

The Student's Sutra of Wiki: Once, there was a maiden ... who was known for her words.

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Welcome to the Quick Start tutorial. This is a simple guide to using and editing the Exalted Wiki.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that is written collaboratively by its readers. Anyone, including you, with access to an Internet-connected computer can edit it. This makes it easy to add further information, cross-references, or citations to the wiki. Wikipedia is a prime example of what motivated users can create.

A wiki is essentially an archive for articles - from original material (e.g. new charms or fan fiction) to encyclopaedic reference items. You can start browsing the wiki by selecting a subject on the Main Page, and following any link to a subsequent subject. All Exalted Wiki articles are interlinked — that is, they have inline hyperlinks to other articles on related subjects. Alternatively, you can use the search box that can be found on every page. If you see a link that is colored dark green, that is a link to an article that has not been created yet.

How do I create an account?

To edit and add articles to the Exalted Wiki you need to be a registered user. Don't worry, it's free, quick and very easy.

  1. Click here to register or use the "Create an account or log in" link in the top right of any page.
  2. Fill in your chosen user name and a secure password (remember, this user name will show against all your edits).
  3. Type in your password again in the "Retype password" box.
  4. If you want to, add your email. You don't have to add an email, but it will mean that you won't lose your account if you forget your password.
  5. Click the "Create new account" button.

What can I do here?

Don't be afraid to edit - anyone can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to do so! Find something that can be improved, either in content, grammar or formatting, and fix it.

Also, please note: When referencing official content from one of the Sourcebooks, please reference the material rather than reproducing it. Errata and/or book/page references are appreciated. Do not post the contents of the books themselves. No entry should diminish, even slightly, the necessity of anyone owning the book that is being referenced.

Don't worry about breaking the wiki. You can't. Anything you do can be fixed, improved upon or rolled back later. So read on and learn more about how to edit articles.

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