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A House Rule is a single or set of particular rules that are unique to a certain playgroup. Usually these house rules only modify a small part of the game, such as Essence Respiration or Character Generation. In some cases however these house rules encompass entirely new rulesystems, Exalt Types and/or Settings.

Below is a List of House Rules that are present on this wiki. The House Rules are sorted by topic.

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Modes of Play

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Sorcery, Necromancy & Protocol

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Universal House Rules


See here for the detailed article on: Ability, Background

Charms and Combos


See here for the detailed article on: Combat

Mass Combat

See here for the detailed article on: Mail and Steel (1st Edition), Mass Combat (2nd Edition)

Social Combat

See here for the detailed article on: Social Combat

Items and Item Creation


Mandate of Heaven

See here for the detailed article on: Mandate of Heaven



Exalted Modern

Exalted Modern - an attempt to examine and expand the rules of Exalted for a modern-day setting.


Sorcery and Necromancy

Modes of Play



  • Modified Beasts of Creation (Second Edition), Changing the Beasts of Creation from the core book to be more in line with the way creatures are statted in other books.

Solar Specific House Rules


  • Solar Essence Pools (Either Edition), a modification keeping with the idea that Solars are the greatest of the Exalted.




Infernals Specific House Rules

Lunar Specific House Rules

Campaign Specific House Rules