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Artifacts are objects, often made out of Magical Materials, that use Essence. Below is a list of official and fan created artifacts sorted by Type, Material, Edition, and Source. If you want to add your own Artifacts, see the Contributing Content tutorial.

Type & Material

Armor Artifacts 
Magical items of protection
Biomagitech Artifacts 
Magical items to enhance the body
Jewelry Artifacts 
Enchanted jewelry and ornaments
Miscellaneous Artifacts 
Assorted objects of power
Mobility Artifacts 
Artifacts of movement and transportation
Tool Artifacts 
Helpful and creating magic tools
Transport Artifacts 
Personal vehicles and transports
Weapon Artifacts 
Artifacts of war and combat
Any Material Artifacts 
These artifacts can be made from any material
Mixed Material Artifacts 
Objects made out of multiple materials
Adamant Material Artifacts 
Artifacts created from Adamant
Jade Material Artifacts 
Artifacts forged out of Jade
Moonsilver Material Artifacts 
Created using Moonsilver
Orichalcum Material Artifacts 
Forged with Orichalcum
Soulsteel Material Artifacts 
Created from Soulsteel
Starmetal Material Artifacts 
Fashioned out of Starmetal


First Edition Artifacts 
All artifacts on the wiki that have been written for First Edition
Second Edition Artifacts 
All artifacts on the wiki that have been written for Second Edition


Custom artifact contributors are encouraged to add themselves to this list.


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