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Biographical information
Source: Official
Edition: Both
Type: God
Caste: Celestial Incarna
Essence: ●●●●●●●●●●
Physical description
Gender: Female
Chronological and political information

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The Silver Lady, the Fickle Lady, the Argent Madonna, Second on High

Luna is the representation of the moon, patron of the Lunar Exalted, and lover of Gaia. She has been theorized to be something other than a god, although this is not canonical.

Luna is a many-faced trickster god, appearing equally male and female. Luna is the consort of Gaia, is a ferocious warrior nearly the equal of the Unconquered Sun, and is the mother and patron of the Lunar Exalted.

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Source: Glories of the Most High: Luna, pp. 1-37.