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Martial Arts is the ability resolving around unarmed Combat. It focuses on the philosophical and structured techniques of formal Martial Arts Styles. Supernatural Martial Artists can learn special Charm trees, that each represent an individual Style of combat. These Supernatural Martial Arts Styles are separated into Terrestrial, Celestial and Sidereal Martial Arts Styles, the most powerful techniques of all.

In Second Edition this ability also covers untrained and brawling, an area that was formerly covered by Brawl.

Martial Arts are often practiced by Martial Arts Societies, which include dojos or other training organizations all over Creation.

Who Can Learn Supernatural Martial Arts?

Who Can Learn Supernatural Martial Arts
Category Terrestrial Martial Arts
The Root of the Perfected Lotus
Celestial Martial Arts
The Bulb of the Perfected Lotus
Sidereal Martial Arts
The Blossom of the Perfected Lotus
Sidereal Exalted
Solar Exalted *
Abyssal Exalted *
Infernal Exalted
Lunar Exalted
Alchemical Exalted * *
Terrestrial Exalted *
Akuma ** ** **
Spirits *** *** ***
Fair Folk * *
Dragon Kings *
Mountain Folk
Mortals *

* — Provided they can find a willing tutor and/or have access to Initiation Charms.
** — Akuma may learn Martial Arts up as per their base type, plus one level higher.
*** — The level of Martial Arts available depends on the Essence rating and type of the spirit being.

Dramatic Rules

Form Weapons: When using a Martial Arts style which allows the use of Archery, Melee, or Thrown weapons by inclusion in the style’s list of form-type weaponry, the character’s attacks are capped by their rating in the associated Ability until the character has mastered the style’s Form-type Charm. For example, a character using Righteous Devil Style would base his Martial Arts attacks with firewands on his Archery score until learning Righteous Devil Form. This cap applies even if the style has no explicit additional Ability minimums. This condition does not apply to the first Martial Arts style the character wishes to learn; only subsequent styles are effected.

Source: Ink Monkeys, Vol 35
Second Edition
Lunars and Martial Arts Charms

A Lunar with Martial Arts as a favored ability can buy Martial Arts Charms for the experience cost of Favorite Attributes Charms.

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