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Necromancy is the dark mirror of Sorcery, an arcane art that draws its power from the energy of the Underworld. These potent effects are, much like Sorcery, divided into three levels of initiation: Shadowland, Labyrinth, and Void level. Effects are as varied as Sorcery, although they tend to have morbid effects (such as waves of blood and spikes of bone). Oddly enough, Necromancy was not created by the Abyssals (although Abyssals tend to be the most common and potent users), but by a circle of three Solars and two Lunars countless years ago. The secrets were wrenched directly from the Neverborn, so their power is undeniable. Sorcery and Necromancy can be learned by the same individual, but growth in one tends to stunt growth in the other.

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