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The Neverborn, or sometimes called Malfeans, are the source of the Underworld. Because their Essence was too great to be recycled back into Creation like other creatures', when the Solar Exalted slew some of the Primordials in the Primordial War the Underworld came into being; and at the heart of it lies the Labyrinth with its palace tombs of the sleeping Neverborn. The Neverborn are the patrons of the Deathlords and seek to bring about Oblivion, the end of all existence, seeing this as the only way to bring their torturous unlives to an end.

The Neverborn and Necromancy

During the height of the First Age, a few enterprising Solar and Lunar Sorcerers entered the Underworld and broke open the tombs of five Neverborn. From them they wrenched the secrets of undead essence so that they could become the first necromancers. The five Neverborn, their eternal sleep disturbed, awoke and are the ones active in the Second Age.

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