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The Panoply consists of the following types of objects:


List article: List of Artifacts

Artifacts are pieces of potent magical equipment used by the Exalted and other Essence Users to tip the odds.


List article: List of Demesnes

Demesnes are places where the Essence of the world pools naturally, producing strange and powerful magical effects.

Exotic Materials

List article: List of Exotic Materials

Exotic Materials are raw materials that channel Essence in a particular fashion.


List article: List of Freeholds

Freeholds are places of great power that serve as the palaces and fortresses of the Raksha.

Grace Magic

List article: List of Grace Magic

Grace Magics are both artifacts and spells, creatures or oaths, the strange artifacts of the Fair Folk.

Hearthstones & Elemental Cores

List article: List of Hearthstones

The objects known as Hearthstones are concentrations of pure Essence produced by Manses. They are about the size of a chicken's egg and vary somewhat in shape.

List article: List of Elemental Cores

Elemental Cores are hearthstone-like artifacts that can come in almost any shape or size and are produced by Alchemical cities.


List article: List of Items

Items are mundane objects, such as weapons or armor, used by mortals and Exalts alike.


List article: List of Manses

Manses are places of great power that serve as the palaces and fortresses of the exalts.


List article: List of Necrotech

Necrotech is the art of crafting undead monstrosities into equipment or automatons.