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Characters in Exalted

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A character is anything from a lowly beast of burden to a mighty God. Some characters are controlled by players, known as Player Characters (or PC's). Other characters, known as Non-Player Characters (or NPC's) are controlled by the Storyteller or their designee and are typically used as either helpful allies, neutral parties to interact with or antagonists to foil the players. In Exalted, game characters are usually Celestial Exalted or Terrestrial Exalted, but there are other playable character types. Other Essence Users are most commonly used other characters and non-player characters, but there are characters who don't manipulate Essence—they are known as Heroic Mortals and extras.

Characteristics of Characters

All characters in Exalted have a common pool of traits that are used to represent values for each character's power and prowess. See the Traits article for further details. These characteristics are used both as guide and as balance when playing through games. They can often be combined to assist PC's and NPC's in accomplishing tasks or goals, and can be used against one another to determine who would win a specific contest or battle. Some of these characteristics even provide bonuses or can be used to calculate pools of available resources from which characters may draw upon.

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Character Example

Chejop Kejak
Biographical information
Source: Official
Edition: Both
Type: Sidereal
Caste: Chosen of Secrets
Essence: ●●●●●●●●●●
Born: Year 1, Age of Man (Ochre Fountain Era)
Physical description
Gender: Male
Hair color: White, balding
Eye color: Green
Chronological and political information
Age(s): Ochre Fountain Era
First Deliberative Era
Unfurling Horizon Era
Shining Reflection Era
Thousand Struggles Era
Time of Cascading Years
Era of Dreams
Shogunate Era
Great Contagion Era
Balorian Crusade Era
Realm Era (Scarlet Empire)
Affiliation: The Bronze Faction (Leader)
The Immaculate Order
Known Apprentice(s): Ayesha Ura (former)
Known Mentors: Saibok Gauto (Former)

Chejop Kejak

Founder and Master of the Bronze Faction.



As a boy, Chejop Kejak met the Maiden of Endings herself. His biography states the Maiden told him he would bring the end of an age: here it errs, she said he would bring the end of "two ages".


Chejop Exalted the same moment as Tammiz Ushun, but someone by the name of Ain Learning Pike concealed the fact for reasons unknown. The only two aware of this fact, and that the two were reborn the same date, are Chejop and Tammiz (reborn as Ayesha Ura).

Since his Exaltation

He was present for the Prophecy that led to the Usurpation, and firmly believes that it was the right course of action to take. As the Shogunate began to dissolve and the Great Contagion struck, Chejop Kejak allied with the soldier who became the Scarlet Empress, allowing him to help define more closely the course of Creation. Kejak is responsible for creating the Immaculate Order's and its status as the state religion of the Realm. It should be noted that Chejop Kejak has nearly reached the end of his exalted lifespan, so it's likely that he'll be ushering in the second ending to an age very soon.

He resides primarily in Yu-Shan reading the Loom of Fate and planning the course of all Creation. His dedication and status are legendary: there are rumors he knows the locations of lost Gates to Yu-Shan and that he is behind the Convention on Oversight.

Stories involving Portal:Characters

None at present.

Other notes on Portal:Characters

  • Chejop Kejak holds the Chair of the Capital Convention and belongs to all of the special conventions.
  • He is the senior Vizier in the Forbidding Manse of Ivy.
  • He engages in plans with Nara-O, the god of secrets only one person knows, although since the return of the solars the god of secrets has been questioning Chejop Kejak's goals.
  • He works in the Palace Sublime as an adviser to the Mouth of Peace.
  • Occasionally lectures at the Heptagram.
  • Chejop Kejak is near the end of his Sidereal Exalted lifespan (the longest lifespan of the Celestial Exalted), around 5,000 years old.
  • Was once a very close friend of Tammiz Ushun and then the lover of his reincarnation Ayesha Ura.
  • Chejop Kejak was an Essence 7 Exalt just before the Usurpation. In the Age of Sorrows, Chejop Kejak is an Essence 10 Exalt.


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