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Magic in Exalted

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Magic is commonly defined as the powers of Sorcery and Thaumaturgy, a potent set of methods for channeling Essence through precisely ordered rituals to shape Creation. However, magic technically includes any form of supernatural ability that utilizes Essence (including Charms, which are the most basic form of magic in Creation). Whether this ability is used by an Exalt or mortal is irrelevant; it is all magic. However, Exalts have access to far more powerful manifestations of magic than mortals usually do. While Charms are often (although not always) Ability-based, other forms of magic (notably Sorcery, Necromancy and Protocols) are wielded through sheer force of will, and as such, always cost characters Willpower to accomplish in addition to generally carrying heavier Essence costs than Charms.

See here, for a list of sorcery, necromancy and protocols, and here for some of the rituals used by Thaumaturges.


Sorcery is a more sophisticated and demanding form of Essence manipulation than Charms. With Charms, the Exalt focuses Essence through her Abilities, while, with sorcery, she focuses it through sheer will alone. Sorcery features three levels of initiation: Terrestrial Circle, Celestial Circle and Solar Circle. Sorcerers may also practice necromancy, but advancement in one art inhibits development in the other.

Brigid, a Solar Exalted was the first of the Chosen to master Sorcery during the First Age. Rumor has it, that this world changing knowledge was given to her by the Yozis.

Does Sorcery Flare your Anima Banner?

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Necromancy is the dark mirror of Sorcery, an arcane art that draws its power from the energy of the Underworld. These potent effects are, much like Sorcery, divided into three levels of initiation: Shadowland, Labyrinth, and Void level. Effects are as varied as Sorcery, although they tend to have morbid effects (such as waves of blood and spikes of bone). Oddly enough, Necromancy was not created by the Abyssals (although Abyssals tend to be the most common and potent users), but by a circle of three Solars and two Lunars countless years ago. The secrets were wrenched directly from the Neverborn, so their power is undeniable. Sorcery and Necromancy can be learned by the same individual, but growth in one tends to stunt growth in the other.


Protocols are a form of shaping practiced by Alchemical Exalted similar to the sorcery found in Creation. Its spells or protocols are separated into Man-Machine Protocols and God-Machine Protocols.

Protocols work in a profoundly different manner than sorcery, although many of the effects are very similar. Instead of manipulating the raw essence around the caster, Protocols act as a sort of programming language, allowing commands to be sent to the Pattern Spiders (or, in Autochthonia itself, the Design Weavers). The fate-controlling constructs then re-write reality as per their instructions. Alternatively, Protocols can bypass the Pattern Spiders/Design Weavers and allow the Protocol weaver to re-write reality personally, although doing so is significantly more strenuous. The advantage of the latter is that Protocols can work on creatures outside fate.

The mindset required to utilize Protocols does not exist within natural creatures. Only Exalted bearing a Weaving Engine can weave Protocols.

Grace Magic

Grace Magic refers to the ways in which the Fair Folk can alter their Graces in order to gain supernatural powers. These powerful effects are treated as being both artifacts and more complicated things, depending on their natures. Regardless of their natures, Grace Magic serves as both shaping weapons and a stranger or more powerful effect, depending on their type.

Grace Magics can be forged from the graces of a raksha or won by contests against the Unshaped. Each can be attuned to either by the character who owns it, or (in the case of spells or behemoths) by a subsidiary character known as a handler. Since these artifacts define their traits by those of their controller, they use the traits of whomever is attuned to them rather than the person who owns them.

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Magic Example

The Brilliant Doorway to Home - Both Editions

  • Edition: Both
  • Circle: Solar
  • Cost: 50 motes
  • Target: One Room in an Attuned Solar Manse
  • Duration: Permanent
  • Source: Xeriar

With this spell, a Solar is never far from her home, and the journey to her home, be it from Malfeas, the Labyrinth, Autochthonia, Yu-Shan, the Wyld or Elsewhere, home is but a second, and a few motes, away.

In order to gain the benefit of this spell, the character must first attune the spell to a location—specifically, a specially prepared room within a Solar Manse of at least rating which she and she alone is attuned to. A character may have two such locations, but in this case the Manses must be significantly more powerful—rating or higher, but no more. In either case, the attunement requires a ritual that lasts from dawn until dusk, and cuts the Essence regeneration benefit provided by the Manse (but not the Hearthstone) in half. This becomes a part of the function of the Manse.

Once so prepared, the Solar may reflexively spend 5 motes to instantly be whisked home, leaving behind only golden light that grows into her anima for a few seconds before fading away. This is not considered a shaping or casting action—the spell has already been cast, the Lawgiver simply draws upon its nature.
Source: Xeriar

Custom Magic of the Month

The Custom Magic for the Month of August is:

Shadow Song by Caelene!

Shadow Song

  • Edition: Second
  • Rating: ●●●●●
  • Category: Oneiromancy
  • Commitment: 15m
  • Material: Gossamer
  • Source: Caelene

A Tale of Loneliness

Once, there was an Fair One who lived at the edge of the world. She was inclined to pass through the gate Nirakara through the veil of Cerements and Bone, intrigued by the poor shadows that remained after a mortal's fleshy bits fell off and they died. However, she dwelled near the edge of things, where shape and unshape met with uneasy results, and there were no mortal ghosts nearby. The Fair One was despondent for a time; however, she soon came upon an idea.

As she was walking through her home, moping most spectacularly, she spotted a stone that was drawing nearby plants into it so they would grow on it. She was stricken by an epiphany (which hurt, but only for a little while), and went on a grand quest to claim the materials she needed for her great plan.

Her Grand Journey complete, the Fair One returned to her home, materials in hand. After a while, her creation was finished: a glass seed shot through with obsidian and something like soulsteel. She skipped over to an unused area of her home and planted the seed in some grave ash she happened to have around. The seed grew, creating a nice place for ghosts to live in that was just in between her garden and the shaped thing that was just outside her domain.

In time, mortals who died nearby were drawn to the little plot of land, finding a nice little shadowland to dwell in within the tainted lands just short of the Wyld. The Fair One was very happy to have her new friends, and decided that she would make another seed so she could have more friends! So, she left, going off on another Grand Journey.

Her first seed is still in place, and a village of about three thousand ghosts has formed. For the most part, they are quite happy to be there; if they're not, they find it nigh impossible to leave for long periods of time. Thus is the power of the Shadow Song; be wary you do not meet your end near this place, or you will be trapped within the Fair One's grasp forever.


This Shinma Circle Spell consists of five charms: Assumption of Cerements and Bone, Assumption of the Living Kingdom, Compelling Presence, Maddening Summons, and Gladdening Visage. It's base form is a glass seed about the size of an ostrich egg, veins of obsidian and soulsteel running through the glass. When planted in a pile of ash and activated, the seed grows rapidly, creating something like a shadowland (Cerements and Bone), along with crystalline buildings of a similar construction to the egg. It covers enough land to allow up to 100,000 residents to live comfortably (Assumption of the Living Kingdom); unless the visitor bests the effects of Gladdening Visage, they would be unable to notice it's Wyld origins, thinking it to be an actual shadowland. Wind flowing through the buildings and alleyways creates a sorrowful song, channeling Maddening Summons, that lures them to the pseudo-shadowland. Once there, the ghost would find himself entranced by the landscape, unwilling to leave unless he can resist the effects of Compelling Presence.
Source: Caelene

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