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Exalted Setting

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The setting of Exalted is comprised of many different elements that all combine to create the world of Exalted. The most prominent element with regard to the setting is, of course, locations in Exalted, but the cultures and organizations represented in the system help to flesh out the world of "Creation" as well as the elements that exist outside of the "standard" setting (such as the Wyld, Elsewhere, Yu-Shan, Malfeas, the Underworld and Autochthonia). Alternate settings and House Rules also round out the array of elements that enrich or alter the setting, and it is important to note that the Storyteller is both allowed to and encouraged to alter the setting in any way he or she sees fit.

The various settings of Exalted are described throughout the books, but Storytellers looking to incorporate specific elements into their games should reference the List of Books to determine what supplements would be useful for enriching the games of their players.

Setting Elements

Sample House Rule

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Reduced NPC Stats

Edition: Both
Rule: To reduce the complication of NPCs, they now use only a simplified set of Traits. NPCs have values for each Attribute but instead of having individual Abilities, they have one ability value for each Attribute group: Physical, Social and Mental.
Clarification: Windswept Leaf, a rogue Immaculate Monk, has the following stats:
Str 3, Dex 5, Sta 4; Cha 3, Man 2, App 2; Per 3, Int 2, Wit 4
Physical 4, Social 2, Mental 3

If he was to attack (usually Dexterity + Martial Arts), he would use Dex + Physical for a total pool of 9.

Would he attempt to resist disease (usually Stamina + Resistance), he would use Sta + Physical for a pool of 8.

If he, against his old beliefs, try to lie to somebody (usually Manipulation + Presence), he would use Man + Social for a pool of only 4.

A Join War roll, usually Wits + Awareness, would be resolved as Wits + Mental for a pool of 7.

This also makes DV calculations easy. (Dex + Physical + Essence) / 2 for Dodge DV, in this case, and given an Essence of 3, the monk would have a Dodge DV of 6. His Mental DV would use the highest of either (Cha or Man + Social) / 2, which would account for 3 Mental Parry DV.
Purpose: This rule was developed to reduce the amount of time the Storyteller has to spend on the preparation of NPC stats.

Sample Location

Geographical information
Source: Compass of Terrestrial Directions: The East
Direction: East
Coordinates: W-9 on StephenLS's map of Creation
Societal Information
Population: An unknown number of ape-beastmen and an unknown number of barbarians
Exalted: 1 Lunar Exalt—Raksi, Queen of Fangs
Essence Users: Unknown
Sperimin is a city from the First Age, but is now known as Malahanka.

Sperimin was a First Age city in the East, and was the greatest seat of learning for the in Creation. It is located approximately 1,500 miles east of Larjyn and approximately 200 miles southeast of Farhold. Today, Sperimin is known as Malahanka, the City of a Thousand Golden Delights and is a jungle ruin that is ruled over by Raksi, the Queen of Fangs, who took control of it from the remaining residents who survived both The Great Contagion and the subsequent Invasion by the Fair Folk. The city is overrun with her ape-beastmen and barbarian tribes that worship Raksi as a goddess.

The Library of Sperimin

The most notable feature of the city is the famous Library of Sperimin, also known as the Sixfold Spire – a collection of six towers that comprise the Library itself. This was the single greatest library of sorcerous knowledge of the First Age and was generally open to Solar and Lunar sorcerers to come and study sorcery. The prize of the Library is the fabled Book of Three Circles, which is jealously guarded by Raksi herself who believes that she will someday unlock the secret to being able to cast sorcery of the Adamant Circle. She rarely permits other Lunar sorcerers to read from the Book of Three Circles, and only if she feels that they are as inhuman as she is.

The Sixfold Spire of Sperimin was originally built by the First Age sorcerer Devon, who bequeathed it to Salina upon his retirement. Of the six towers, the first and second are offices and workspaces. The third tower was devoted to demonology, while the fourth tower was devoted to astrology. The fifth tower acts as a teacher of any spell the sorcerer wishes to know, an effect that was put into place by the knowledge Salina gleaned from the Salinan Working. The sixth tower is devoted to communication.

A Brief History

After having been established by Devon and improved upon by Salina, the city was overrun with Dragon-Blooded and Sidereals in the Usurpation. The Celestial teachers either died or fled from Sperimin, while the divine teachers also departed after heavy disrespect from the new rulers of the city. Sperimin was largely abandoned in the Great Contagion and was later seized by Raksi who currently controls the city. Salina wanted the Spire to be open to all and it remains so – no tricks or booby-traps lurk within its halls.


Source: Exalted: The Lunars, p. 83
Source: White and Black Treatises, pp. 12, 32-33

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