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Protocols are a form of shaping practiced by Alchemical Exalted similar to the sorcery found in Creation. Its spells or protocols are separated into Man-Machine Protocols and God-Machine Protocols.

Protocols work in a profoundly different manner than sorcery, although many of the effects are very similar. Instead of manipulating the raw essence around the caster, Protocols act as a sort of programming language, allowing commands to be sent to the Pattern Spiders (or, in Autochthonia itself, the Design Weavers). The fate-controlling constructs then re-write reality as per their instructions. Alternatively, Protocols can bypass the Pattern Spiders/Design Weavers and allow the Protocol weaver to re-write reality personally, although doing so is significantly more strenuous. The advantage of the latter is that Protocols can work on creatures outside fate.

The mindset required to utilize Protocols does not exist within natural creatures. Only Exalted bearing a Weaving Engine can weave Protocols.

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