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This is an article about online Resources to aid in playing Exalted. For the Background, see Backgrounds:Resources.

This article strives to contain as comprehensive a list of external resources for Exalted as possible. If you have an important link or download to contribute, please feel free to add it. If you do so, please keep your descriptions as objective as possible. This is a list, not free space for advertising.

Official Exalted Pages

A number of websites about Exalted created and maintained by White Wolf. For links to other White Wolf websites, see the White Wolf article.


This list contains old links to official downloads. The official downloads page is not currently available.

Official Errata

For a list of officially downloadable Errata PDF files see below. For more information, see the Errata article on this wiki.

Official Material

Character Sheets

A list of links to websites featuring a number of downloadable Character Sheets for Exalted:

  • White Wolf, official character sheets for Exalted First and Second Edition.
  • Bazzalisk, Solar, Dragon-Blooded, Lunar, Mortal, NPC, and Mass-combat sheets for 2nd Edition. Extensive sheets with many similarities to voidstate's, featuring tick-boxes for generic charms and paper-clip trackers for essence, DV, and ticks. All are A4 sized.
  • Democritus, 3 page Solar, Lunar, Sidereal and Dragon-Blooded character sheets. Sheet 1: Basics, Sheet 2: Combat, Sheet 3: Charms & Combos. All sheets are in landscape format and can be printed on A4 and Letter without problems.
  • HertzaHaeon, Lots of character sheets. Four- and five-page PDF character sheets for Solars, Dragon-Blooded, Lunars and Sidereals.
  • Melissa Uran, Graphical second edition character sheets with two pages each.
  • Mr. Gone, A lot of character sheets for different character types.
  • Nightwind, Solar & Sidereal character sheets. An interactive Solar sheet and a non-interactive Sidereal sheet.
  • Skafte, Editable character sheets for all Exalted types.
  • Voidstate, Solar character sheet. Very extensive and detailed character sheet with unique sections for social and mass combat
  • MadLetter's Mass Combat Sheet, a Mass Combat Sheet for all Exalted types, including Elder Exalted and mortals.
  • Scaenicus, Excel character sheets with macros to replace entered numbers for values to full and empty dots. Also has two new Excel-functions to calculate with dots in formulas. Implemented: Solars, Terrestrials, Lunars, Sidereals, Abyssals, Infernals, Alchemicals, Raksha, Heroic Mortals, Mass Combat Units, Organisations (Masters of Jade) and Dominions (Mandate of Heaven).

Storyteller Screens and Cheat Sheets


Indices and Lists

Name Generators




  • Anathema (1st and 2nd Edition) is an all-round Exalted toolkit, offering character generation & campaign management functions. It will allow you to generate and print characters from any of the 5 Exalt types, as well as keep tabs on experience expenditure, and where was it used.
  • Ed's Exalted Toolkit (1st and 2nd Edition) is a suite of Windows programs designed to create and keep track of all of your Celestial and Terrestrial Exalted characters and NPC's.
  • James's Online Tools has a manse generator, statless NPC generator, and an online battle wheel. The wheel lets you save your current state if you have cookies enabled.
  • Battle Tracker (2nd Edition) is a simple tick tracker that emulates a sheet, but with a more robust and logical interface.

Fan Projects

  • 25 Lotus Petals (1st Edition) is a list of the best 25 Martial Arts Styles from the unofficial Exalted Wiki
  • The Armorium (2nd Edition) is a re-balanced and expanded collection of weapons, and an in-progress project on the wiki.
  • Forgotten Suns (1st Edition) is a 68 page introductory adventure.
  • Sol Invictus (1st Edition) is a set of high essence Charms for Solar Exalted.


Other Resources


Fan Communities and Content

Exalted art

Official Exalted artists

Other Links