Scroll of Fallen Races

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Type: Second Edition Sourcebook
Release Date: December 17, 2008
Page Count: 160
Price: $24.99
Stock Number: WW80208
ISBN Number: 978-158846-615-0

The Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom

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This third of the Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom focuses on the two ancient allies of the Old Realm Solar Deliberative, the Dragon Kings and the Mountain Folk.

A Guide to Proud Cultures in Decline

Once, before the fabled First Age, Creation was a far different place. The Primordials still ruled from Yu-Shan, and the gods wrought their masters’ will from the Blessed Isle. In a time when humanity had yet to taste freedom, the world was ruled by other races, both mysterious and powerful. The course of the Primordial War wiped out most of these peoples, but two lived on under Solar rule, the noble Dragon Kings and the clever Jadeborn, though even then their decline had begun… a decline hastened by the Usurpation. Will the return of their erstwhile lords and allies, the Solar Exalted, mark a return to greatness for these races, or are they doomed to finally fall during this time of tumult?

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Once the rulers of Creation before the ascendancy of man, the mighty Dragon Kings were nearly destroyed at the fall of the First Age and their descendants have long since fallen into barbarism. Does the return of the Solars signal a return to greatness for the Dragon Kings, or ar they too far gone?

The Mountain Folk once armed the Solars for the Primordial War, but those same Lawgivers later came to distrust the Jadeborn and had their creator Autochthon lay the Great Geas upon them, locking them in their subterranean world. Will the modern Solars make amends for the predecessors' misdeeds, or will they take further advantage of these stoic craftsmen and warriors?

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A character sourcebook for Exalted®, Second Edition, featuring:

  • Everything players and Storytellers need to generate Mountain Folk characters, including their Charms
  • Everything players and Storytellers need to generate Dragon King characters, including their Paths
  • Examples of both races’ unique wonders


Authors: Michael Kessler, Dustin Shampel, John Snead, Christina Stiles, Scott Taylor and Andrew Watt

Comic Scripter: Carl Bowen

Developer: John Chambers

Editors: Carl Bowen and Josh Hein

Creative Director: Rich Thomas

Production Manager: matt milberger

Art Direction and Layout: Brian Glass

Cover Art: Andrew Hepworth

Artists: Marian Churchland, John Floyd, Jeff Holt, Imaginary Friends Studio (with Reza Ilyasa), Kim Feigenbaum, Josh Spinell and UDON (with Steven Cummings, Leo Lingas and Joe Vriens)

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