Scroll of Heroes

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Type: Second Edition Sourcebook
Release Date: August 5, 2009
Page Count: 160
Price: 24.99
Stock Number: WW80209
ISBN Number: 978-158846-376-0

The Scrolls of Esoteric Wisdom

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The mighty Exalted lord over Creation, but even the numerous Dragon-Blooded are as but a drop of water in the teeming sea of humanity. Most of these folk live simple lives, endeavoring to stay beneath the notice of the various supernatural beings who threaten to end, or at least complicate, those lives. Some few, however, rise above the masses that surround them to confront the dangers of their world head on.

These are mankind’s heroes.


A character sourcebook for Exalted featuring:

  • Overviews of mortal life in all corners of Creation during the Age of Sorrows
  • Everything players and Storytellers need to generate heroic mortal characters, as well as God-Blooded heroes
  • Merits and Flaws for second edition characters of all types


Authors: Alan Alexander, Genevieve Cogman, Jack Norris, Neall Raemonn Price and Andrew Watt

Comic Scripter: Carl Bowen

Developer: John Chambers

Editor: Carl Bowen

Creative Director: Rich Thomas

Art Direction and Layout: Brian Glass

Artists: Gordon Bennetto, John Floyd, Groundbreakers Studio (with Paolo Aguasin, Jezreel Rojales and Kriss Sison), Andrew Hepworth, Shipeng Lee and Melissa Uran Cover Art: Groundbreakers Studio (with Brian Valeza)