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A Story is usually a tale to be told. On this wiki, this includes the following types:


List article: List of Campaigns

Campaigns are a number of smaller Stories stringed together into one through play. The following sites usually retell the exploits of a number of players.


List article: List of Adventures

Adventures are a series of encounters with a single unifying goal and plot (usually the length of a 'story' in the Exalted core book). Typically, an adventure ends when the players resolve (or fail to resolve) the plot in question, although elements of the plot may expand into other stories.


List article: List of Encounters

An Encounter is a person, location or obstacle that can be used as an inspiration for stories.


List article: List of Fiction

Fiction are entertaining stories set in the world of Exalted.

Story Seeds

List article: List of Story Seeds

A Story Seed is similar to an Encounter in that in provides inspiration for stories. Unlike a very specific encounter, Story Seeds often point to mysteries and legends and leave it up to the Storyteller to fill in the blanks.

What Does It Look Like

List article: List of What Does It Look Like articles

What Does It Look Like articles are short descriptions of Charm effects in action, not unlike very short fiction.