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Hey All, I've had an account for a bit, but I'm full of fail when it comes to internet access. Hopefully I'll be adding some homebrew stuff that we're currently using in my campaign. Characters, artifacts and other whatnot. If you see any issues with what I post, be it flavor or balance or whatever, just let me know. ^^

One other note, while I've got at least a decent grasp of the rules and how games are supposed to run, I'm an absolute failure when it comes to building combos. If anyone could point me to a good guide, or check my character's charm lists and help me out, it would be immensly appreciated.

ALSO: If anyone wants charm trees done for their custom MA styles or custom charms, just let me know!

I can be reached through AIM and Y! as RabidCubist or through Gmail and Google Chat at

Special thanks to Taronkov for allowing me use of some of his first ed books. Expect me to put that up soon!

Current Campaign: The Unsundered Circle

Also See

To Do

  • Lunar Charm Pages
  • Fair Folk Charm Pages
  • Infernal Charm Pages
  • Charms from First Edition Core
  • Alchemical Charm Pages (When Released)
  • Condensed character write-ups for all of Scroll of Exalts (this will be a chore, but a damn rewarding one)
  • Official MA pages that need help
  • Integrate Charms from other books that aren't the core or fatsplats (Think I got 'em all so far, though I'm pretty sure there'll be more coming out soon.)
  • Go through the softsplats and find stuff that needs to be put up
  • !Put any First Edition stuff I have access to up!
  • !Custom nonsense when I need to remember an NPC or location, or if I think something is good enough for others to use!