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Hello. My chosen user-name here on the Exalted Wiki is Bodhisattva, and most folks just call me Bodhi. I'm an Exalted enthusiast and currently the project leader of the Infernal Heroes Project. I'm also heavily involved in improving the environs here by editing articles (particularly for spelling and grammar) and in the creation of templates, such as some of the templates you see on my user-page like the Tab Box and the Scroll Box templates. I also help to answer questions about how to do things on the Exalted Wiki and contribute content in a variety of ways, many of which are listed below.

I, of course, enjoy role-playing games (such as Exalted) and also have a variety of other interests including (but not limited to) singing, acting, dancing, the outdoors, coding, computers, photoshop, and animals. I'm also active on The Exalted Forum, The Freedom Stone Forum and other Exalted-related sites. Additionally, I am the main editor to Exalted on Wikipedia and hope to make that article a featured article on Wikipedia some day.

General Contributions




  • Generic Templates
  1. The 20X Classes Template, to make for easier browsing through the various classes, and to give new users an idea what these classes are useful for.
  2. Template:Point - creates a medium sized dot used to separate items in a list or on a template.
  3. User:Bodhisattva/LWYD - a navigational template for the relevant articles associated with the Lady Wai-Yu's Diary game.
  4. Template:IHP - a template for use with the Infernal Heroes Project.
  5. User:Bodhisattva/Header - a navigational template for my userpages.
  6. Template:Template display box - creation.
  7. Template:Navbox/core - creation.
  8. Template:Navbox - creation.
  9. Template:Tnavbar - creation.
  10. Template:SolarIcons - creation.
  11. Template:LunarIcons - creation.
  12. Template:SiderealIcons - creation.
  13. Template:DBIcons - creation.
  14. Template:todo - creation.
  15. Template:Archivenav - creation.
  16. Template:Archive box - creation.
  17. Template:+ - creation.
  18. Template:- - creation.
  19. Template:E - creation. For use with Ability-based Excellencies.
  20. Template:E2 - creation. For use with Attribute-based Excellencies.
  21. Template:ToCSidereal - editing.
  22. Template:ToCInfernal - creation.
  23. Template:ToCAlchemical - editing and graphics.
  24. Template:Chibibox - creation.
  25. Template:CoTD - creation.
  26. Template:CoCD - creation.
  27. Template:Arcanos - creation.
  28. Template:Ar - creation.
  1. Template:Constedits - formatting and editing.
  2. Template:Copyvio - formatting and editing.
  3. Template:Copyvio1 - formatting and editing.
  4. Template:Copyvioimage - formatting and editing.
  5. Template:DeleteMe - formatting and editing.
  6. Template:Image Copyright Violation - creation.
  7. Template:PCV - formatting and editing.
  8. Template:Pna - formatting and editing.
  9. Template:Pna-cite - formatting and editing.
  10. Template:Pna-inaccurate - formatting and editing.
  11. Template:Pna-incomplete - formatting and editing.
  12. Template:Pna-unformatted - formatting and editing.
  13. Template:UAN - formatting and editing.
  14. Template:FAN - formatting and editing.
  15. Template:Featured - formatting and editing.
  16. Template:IStub - formatting and editing.
  17. Template:Official - formatting and editing.
  18. Template:stub - formatting and editing.
  19. Template:stub-production - formatting and editing.
  20. Template:Unofficial - formatting and editing.
  21. Template:Chat - creation.
  22. Template:NewCharacterBox - creation.
  1. Character Sheet Instructions - creation.
  2. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Solar - creation, along with Democritus.
  3. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Lunar - creation, along with Kaja.
  4. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Sidereal - creation.
  5. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Terrestrial.2FDragon-Blooded - creation.
  6. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Abyssal - creation.
  7. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Alchemical - creation.
  8. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Infernal - creation.
  9. Exalted_Wiki:Character_Sheet#Spirit.2FGod-Blooded - creation, along with Kaja.

General Articles



Official World Locations

User-Created World Locations

  • Quanai - Created for Tommathy's Solar campaign. Created the article and wrote some materials.


Custom Artifacts


Official Characters

Signature Characters

Demon Characters

Behemoth Characters

Ghost Characters

User-Created Characters

Solar Exalted



Enlightened Mortals


Charms and Sorcery

Official Spells


Terrestrial Circle Spells

Celestial Circle Spells

Solar Circle Spells


Shadowlands Circle Spells

Labyrinth Circle Spells

Void Circle Spells

Official Charms and Sorcery

Simply entered the Charms on the wiki.

Custom Charms and Sorcery


Spells from Bodhisattva
This image is copyrighted. It is used here with the explicit permission of the owner, Bodhisattva. The terms of permission do not include third-party use (Image source: Bodhisattva ).

Contacting me

Help with Contributing Content: If you have any questions about what to contribute or how to do it, please feel free to contact me on my talk page at any time or contact me by email. You can also click on the link found in the sidebar to the left entitled Quickstart Guide, Guide to Contributing or Editing help, which will likely answer any general questions you may have. Feel free to ask any question; no question is "stupid" except for the one that is never asked.

General Exalted Wiki questions: The links in the sidebar can probably help you find what you're looking for. However, if you don't find your answers there, please follow the instructions above.

Complaints: The best thing to do if you have a complaint is to start with the Community portal. Ask a short, friendly question, and fellow users will be happy to help you. Contacting me directly with a complaint should be reserved for after you have exhausted all other remedies.

If you have a complaint about article content, there are several avenues to pursue. The best and simplest way is to fix it. You can also open a discussion on the article's talk page regarding the issues which you want to address. Be sure that you are adding well-written text using legitimate information from credible, reliable sources. If your change gets reverted, continue the discussion on the article to get consensus. This works just like it does on Wikipedia.

Statement of purpose

As the Exalted Wiki continues to grow and enhance its worth as a valuable resource to players and Storytellers alike, it is imperative that all contributors feel welcome to add not only official, canon content to the wiki to increase its effectiveness as an encyclopedic resource for the Exalted community, but also feel welcome to contribute custom, fan-made content for peer-review and inclusion in other Exalted games all around the world. However, it is important to maintain the distinction between what is official content and what is not in order to preserve the utility of this wiki as an encyclopedic resource for those who are looking for canon information.

I should point out that this is my purpose for the Exalted Wiki and does not necessarily reflect the views of White Wolf Inc., or CCP Games. However, as the active administrator, I will be actively pursuing this goal and both my edits and correspondences will be in accord with it.

  1. Exalted Wiki's success to date is entirely a function of our open community. This community will continue to live and breathe and grow only so long as those of us who participate in it continue to Do the Right Thing. Doing the Right Thing takes many forms, but perhaps most central is the willingness to contribute to the wiki, both as encyclopedic archivists and as fans contributing custom content.
  2. Newcomers are always to be welcomed. There must be no hierarchy or structure to get in the way of this openness to newcomers. Any security measures to be implemented to protect the community against real vandals (and there are real vandals, who do occasionally affect us—many will remember the time before I became an Administrator where we would get hundreds of spam pages per day), should be implemented on the model of "strict scrutiny."
    "Strict scrutiny" means that any measures instituted for security must address a compelling community interest, and must be narrowly tailored to achieve that objective and no other.
    For example: rather than trust humans to identify "regulars" correctly, we must use a simple, transparent, and open rubric, so that people are automatically given full privileges once they have been around the community for a very short period of time. The process should be virtually invisible for newcomers, so that they do not have to do anything to start contributing to the community.
  3. "You can edit this page right now" is a core guiding check on everything that we do. We must respect this principle as sacred, just as they do on Wikipedia.

Exalted Chibi Gallery

Signature Characters

Solar Exalted

Abyssal Exalted

See the rest of the Deathknights on Bodhisattva's Champions of Death Gallery.

Lunar Exalted

See the rest of the Lunars on Bodhisattva's Children of the Moon Gallery.

Sidereal Exalted

Terrestrial Exalted

See the rest of the Dragon-Blooded Chibis on Bodhisattva's Dragon-Blooded Gallery.

Alchemical Exalted

Infernal Exalted


Celestial Incarnæ

See the rest of the Celestines and Primordials on Bodhisattva's Gallery of The Most High.

Dreams of the First Age

See the rest of the Dreams of the First Age Exalts on Bodhisattva's Dreams of the First Age Gallery.

Personal Characters

Check out my personal gallery here.