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Welcome to my userpage!

I'm an old hand at Exalted who joined this wiki when it was first founded, then lost track of my edits and ended up failing to properly keep things up to date. With the recent White Wolf-sponsored wiki competition, I decided that the time seemed right to move a bunch of my old stuff over, and then to join in the fun and see about overwhelming this Wiki with material.

In the interests of ease of use, and since I'm afraid that I don't have the wiki-fu to have a truly beautiful page, I'm going to subdivide my userpage into the following subpages, which conveniently mostly line up with the wiki's own subdivisions:

If you like anything that I've written, please drop me a line on the related talk page. If you hate something, also drop me a line. I love a good argument almost as much as I like compliments. ;)


Heroic Mortal Thaumaturge This user is a recipient of the Custom Magic of the Month Award.
September 2009