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I’ve been roleplaying for just over half my life at this point (roughly 14 years) and I’ve been GMing for the majority of that. Currently I'm running a mixed Solar/Lunar game. I have a decidedly Narrativist bent to my playing with a foray into the Simulationist from time to time. I suck at strategy and tactics, and so Gamist play does little for me. I’ve learned to like combat (I used to fall asleep during fight scenes in kung-fu movies) and am developing my skills as a GM and player in that arena. Exalted is by far my favorite setting, but I appreciate the simplicity of the Savage Worlds and FATE engines. If you agree, you may want to check out Mouse's FATE conversion.

In addition, I'm currently working to upload as much data to the wiki as I can manage. This includes custom content, so if you have something you'd like loaded but don't know how, let me know and I'll give it a shot.

If you feel like helping out with any of the items on my To-Do list, please do. I'd appreciate a hand :).

Sandbox0 - STC Charm change template
Sandbox1 - STC 2eAbyCharm change template
Sandbox2 - STC Abyssal Charm with template changes
Sandbox3 - See-alsos for FFs, DKs and MFs.
Sandbox4 - List of unused 1e Charm names.
Sandbox5 - empty
Sandbox6 - empty
Sandbox7 - empty
Sandbox8 - empty
Sandbox9 - empty

Template:Errata-fix - Shows little blue errata box
How to make Charm Trees: Template talk:Family Tree
Color Box codes: Template:EssenceColor
Use {{Clear}} to force Charms not to overlap.
Wiki keyboard shortcuts.
Grabowski quotes
Use {{inuse}} to show you're busy editing an article

Data entry and organization tasks

Enter and organize Poisons
Organize Locations/Official Locations
Enter and organize Mass Combat Units
Enter and organize Manse Powers
Enter 1e Thaumaturgy Rituals Finish adding 2e and 2.5e errata

2e done through FF Name Charms (p. 69)
2.5e done through Fair Folk Cup Charms

Create Category-based Charms pages for Attribute-based splats

Wiki maintenance tasks

Remove stats from Official stuff
Add wiki content links to 2e book pages

Hardback books completed

Update Charm trees
Convert "List of" pages from {{scroll box}} to {{CharmListbox}}

Ongoing tasks

Help Robin update templates to use {{infobox}}
Patch or delete broken links
Mark spam pages and spammer accounts

Ambitious tasks

Add remaining material from 1e books

The Tomb of Five Corners
Time of Tumult

Create 1e Charm tree pages
Create Yozi soul hierarchies

Adorjan, Cecelyne and Cytherea done

Adapting Exalted to a modern setting using, primarily, tools and examples provided by the old World of Darkness and Scion material.

Progress: Have achieved an acceptable system to model guns based on 2e Archery thanks to help of several forumites. Will post to this page.

Create a new Celestial tier exalt that is the result of Deathlord experimentation on Lunars, currently called Labyrinthines. Friv Yeti has done a ton of work on this (Nihilics) but is going in a different thematic direction than I am.

Have created more than a dozen Charms towards this effort.

Collect all canon poisons, diseases, and environmental effects, isolate errors and problems and request errata

Progress: Plague of Hats has made strong headway in this direction with his Exalted Indices.

Collect all canon drugs and create a 2e system for drug use/interaction based on the 1e material in Manacle and Coin