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Hello, I'm Redford Blade, also sometimes known as V. G. Cadiz.

Exalted Characters

  • Nellens Zeven (Zenith)
  • Nellens Aeyt (Fire Aspect)
  • Scurv (Night)
  • Moon-Kissed Rose (No-Moon)
  • Most Unfortunate Kuki (Eclipse)

Games Played/Playing

  • A one-off test game to introduce one of my friends to the Storyteller system, featuring Most Unfortunate Kuki in his gaming debut.
  • A slow-going game set in the Realm Satrapy of Greyfalls, in which two Solars and a Lunar use family connections and realpolitik to win over Nellens Rombulac, Sister Cloud-Hands, and the rest of the region. Eventually, the Celestials plan to ally with House Nellens to influence the outcome of the Realm Civil War. Should be epic, if we can keep the game going that long.