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Tremain is a pen name I have chosen to use in reference to my Exalted Characters. My real name is John M. MacFarlane, and I am Canadian.

I was introduced to Exalted a good many years ago now in the early, early first edition, and after many years of segregating my online free-form roleplay from my real life table top games, such as, well, the entire original WoD line, I came to find that Exalted offered a measure and bar by which myself and my other compatriots could standardize without curtailing creativity, setting, or grade of power and conflict. I immediately purchased the Special Edition core book so that the spine would quit falling off.

Over the years I have found it difficult to distance myself from Exalted in my writing, and even when I can segregate my thoughts from the incredibly inclusive and immersive world of Exalted, the bar of quality set not only by my own expectations, but by those of people I've played with over the years, has remained set high, and it continues to influence my work.

Below is my contributed content to the exalted Wiki, much of it compiled over the course of March 28 - March 31 2009, to involve myself with the Exalted Wiki Contribution Contest (seeing as I found out about it late) but the experience took on a life of its own and ballooned, captivating me and bringing me to create more and more of what I hope will eventually be a deeply detailed array of contributions, branching out from my own personal fictions into the canonized and more detailed areas of the real Wiki. I have some very ambitious goals for each of the Directions, and possibly the Shogunate as well.

Hopefully you enjoy my contributions. And hopefully I do not enrage the statue of Bodhi I keep next to my alter of R'lyeh with my blithe irreverence.