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Editor Pages

The following list of people (in alphabetical order) are more or less frequently working on various issues of the Exalted Wiki. This is to provide a sort of open space for each user to mention his current and important projects in an easily accessible space. Click here for a complete list of registered users.

Feel free to add yourself.
  • Ajax Loves anime and most RPG's. Has a tendency to prefer longer articles and bigger words. Slowly working on cities of the South, bringing them up to the proper size. Loves Martial Arts and has made and playtested several styles.
  • Alloran
  • ArcanusDicere
  • AstraKiseki - makes way too many manses, plays marbles with her hearthstones, is an Astrology fangirl, and sometimes hits an overdrive state that makes her add a lot of stuff, which is why the site now has the stuff from the Codex and from WotLA up now. In the span of about a month.
  • Bill
  • Bodhisattva, works on article editing, provides feedback, contributes to the Infernal Heroes Project and writes pages on Signature Characters. Also works heavily on Exalted on Wikipedia.
  • ChunkyQ
  • Conrad Hubbard
  • Crescens ,Zanpaku-to, Speed Charms, Raw Power Charms, and tasty beverages!? I've got'em all!
  • Darkheart One likes the raksha. WAY TOO MUCH.
  • DarkWolff, requires fresh souls. Please visit his userpage.
  • DawnDragon is badass, finds overdrive to be lame, and works to produce more metagame discussion and ideas
  • Deaks, ruminations on Awesomeness
  • Democritus, is building a new content core with Deaks. Created the current Main Page design and is currently working on The Armorium, a weapons project.
  • DMccoy1693
  • DragonFlight, is obsessed with Demons of all shapes and sizes.
  • Dustangel
  • Ebondevil, working on adding the missing first edition material.
  • Epsilon
  • E_V_I_L
  • Flecchi, is a lovable ball of tentacles who runs games in it's spare time.
  • FrivYeti
  • Goddessgood has finished off adding 1e Charms and is now entertaining herself with tweaking, reorganizing, and filling gaps in the wiki content.
  • Grandmasta
  • GryMor, Worker of Templates
  • Guybrush, Transfering material from his old web site, Edge of Creation, and general editing
  • Hawke, Ongoing campaign to detail the North of Creation, and to frustrate Democritus with my lack of organisation
  • IanWatson, Adding a metric buttload of help files and project guidelines
  • JiveX, Putting up My custom Isidoros charms, uploading a bunch of other custom MA's and Charms, Working on entries for stuff from the Malfeas Book.
  • Jp12x - spending way too much time on Exalted Star Wars.
  • Jubaal, a fogey who sees no good reason to stop playing First Edition, and prefers flavor text to hard stats. Working on First Edition content and adding fluff (with a little crunch) from his heavily Social and intrigue-driven chronicle.
  • Ksirafai
  • Kukla, who enjoys making categories
  • MadLetter, updating and creating new (important) articles, currently about the East
  • Mal'akh - Spends way too much time trying to iron out Background Traits.